The Unoffical Rules Of League Of Legends - From I3ig B

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I was just reading the forums and these made me laugh / giggle a bit so I thought I'd share them..

Enjoy (:3)

1. Don't chase Singed.
2. DON'T chase Singed.
3. Garen is immortal while positioned in a bush.
4. Always assume Eve, Shaco, and Twitch are MIA.
5. Mundo goes where he pleases.
6. Yes Cho's feast is up and yes he is going to eat you.
7. Shouting Demacia, either irl or in /all, has been known to improve your game play.
8. The only way to play Teemo is to instalock him and call mid.
9. Playing Teemo also comes with the accepted burden of having a global taunt.
10. The Blitz on your team will never land his grabs, but the one on the other team will.
11. If you don't see fiddle make sure to... CAWCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW
12. Janna has and always will be the **** of assist.
13. Yes you were just bursted down by a giant purple cow. Don't ask questions.
14. Yes you can use Rupture on Annie and knock her up. ಠ_ಠ
15. Rolling your face on the keyboard to play Sona is more effective then trying to play her.
16. It's assumed Jax is a TMNT, but Riot refuses to really tell us what he is.
17. The enemy's Ashe arrow is heat seeking and will find you, but yours isn't.
18. Yeti's have somehow obtained the ability to puke ice balls.
19. All women have huge boobs according to this game.
20. Yes he's fat, drunk, and carrying a barrel, but he is going to catch you.
21. Armadillos can only say OK.
22. Every champions /dance was modeled after one of Phreak's many dance moves.
23. If you make fun of Pantheon Tamat will man drop your house.
24. Morello will nerf your favorite champion. Deal with it.
25. It's rumored Lima Bean's cat eats leavers so don't do it.
26. Rule 26 is a lie.

Will be adding more as I think of them.

Quote: Originally Posted by FireRoastedFire
27. The enemy always runs faster than you. No exceptions.
28. Vayne is buffy. This is accepted and she will eventually fade out, just like the show.
29. Your skill shots are perfectly accurate when laning, but always miss in team fights.
30. There are no 'women' in LoL.
31. In regards to 30, I lied.
32. Yes, Master Yi WILL backdoor you. Get over it.
33. The enemy Twisted Fate is alwats watching you. Not your team, just you. Be aware of this.
34. If you are a carry, you will get focus fired. No one in chat will be surprised by this.
35. Sarcasm lightens the game up, but too much just pisses people off.
36. Just because you're losing doesn't mean you are the best on your team, it means you are losing, too.
37. Yi will always insta-lock and call mid. Or else he'll feed.
38. Your Ult will do enough damage to bring Garen to 95% health.
39. If you hear a "DEMACIA!" and don't have a Demacian on your team, you are dead.
40. Udyr is a schitzo zoophiliac. And doesn't like PETA. Or peta bread.
42. Your turrets do 10 damage a shot, theirs deal 2000 a shot.
43. Adding your assists to your kills does not count towards K : D ratio. (I'd say 3 assists=1kill if you want to)
44. If you are alone for more than 10 seconds, the entire enemy team is in that bush next to you.
45. Ganks always work fo the other team.
46. Ganks never go as planned for your team.
47. Yes, they have wards.
48. No, you don't.
49. If you have an Oracle's elixir, you are dead.
50. Most importantly, yes, they Have Baron warded. No, I don't want to go for him at the moment.
51. Tryndamere's right arm is alot stronger than his left arm.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kharel
52. An Ashe on the enemy team firing Hawkshot will always manage to see your low-health jungler seconds before he takes red, and will nail him with an ECA in epic fashion, with the splash damage killing the lizard.
53. Your Ashe's ECA is magnetized, with the front being N and the back being S. All enemies are mono-polar N magnetized.
54. Ezreal's ultimate will always impact precisely one minion before striking the intended enemy champion, leaving the enemy with 2hp remaining.
55. Annie's Summon Tibbers double-damage bug only affects you.
56. If you don't own any tanks, have never played a tank, and have no knowledge of tanking, your team will instalock 4 AD carries and rage at you for not tanking.
56b. Enemy team compositions will always be perfect with every player on their team playing their main.
57. If one enemy has a Tiamat, they will somehow manage to unintentionally steal Baron, Dragon, and every contested buff in both jungles repeatedly while fighting you.

Quote: Originally Posted by FireRoastedFire
60. Maokai's Twisted Advance will always stop you just short of your turret.
61. When in doubt, ward.
62. The second you enter a team fight, your carries run away.
63. Soraka and Shen both deal no damage, yet still make you rage at the loading screen.
64. Enemy minions always follow you into the bush.
65. Your minions are always pushed back to your turret.
66. The enemy super minions always have more health.
67. Xin Xao will always be UP in his user's eyes. No exceptions.
68. AP Yi is not to be trifled with.
69. We feast.
70. You are a 'nuub', 'nub, 'noob', or any other variation, because that guy is 4-12-2. You are 1-2-24. He has more kills
71. No one ever expects the Spanish inquisition.
72. Ashe is also known as bait. Don't do it.
73. If there is a bush, there is an enemy in it.
74. If there is a Teemo, Shaco, Caitlyn, OR Nidalee, you will always 'find' their traps.
75. No, you cannot solo that Cho'Gath.
76. GLHF is code for "We are going to rape you". Not returning the favor is giving consent.
77. IF you see Sona, run. She is NEVER alone.
78. Support are always underappreciated
79. It's always the support's fault.
80. Two kills is not fed.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hallifax281
81. Gangplank and Tryndamere will always crit.
82. Your Karthus will never get a kill with his ult.
83. Enemy Karthus will get quadra kills.
84. If you survive a 1 v 1 fight, the minions will finish you.
85. Twisted Fate will always ult after he respawns.
86. Playing with a skin makes you better.
87. Don't fight Malzahar alone.
88. Anivia is impossible to kill for first blood.
89. Urgot will always out-range you.
90. Gangplank's Parrrley see's the Pirate's Code as "guidelines"
91. Alistar always has flash up and will pulverize and headbutt you into his team/turret.
92. You will always be stunned during Death Lotus.
93. The enemy will never be stunned during Death Lotus.
94. If you have more than 3 numbers in your name, you will be called a noob.
95. Your team will never block Ace in the Hole.
96. The other team always has more CC than you.
97. If you play a jungler and lane you will be called a noob.
98. Mordekaiser will always have his shield.
99. Face checking bushes will kill you.
100. If the laning phase is over, you are always overextended.


Millenium announce their new LoL Team

Today, Team Millenium announced their new League of Legends team. Team aAa join Millenium after Dreamhack Summer 2011 and surprise many League of Legends Fans. Team aAa are one of the best LoL teams in EU. Millenium and aAa have one of the biggest rivalries in eSports, France, and this move is a big surprise for French eSports. AbsoluteLegends talked to Jerome 'Kujaa' Negretti about their move to Millenium.

Absolute Legends: Your team competed in Dreamhack very well, and won $25.000. This news comes of a bit of a surprise for League of Legends Fans. What do you think about Dreamhack organisation?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: Yes,We win $25.000. It's really great the $50.000 where not that far but still its good :). Dreamhack was well planned by Riot Games, I really enjoyed playing there, the other players and Riot staff were cool :).

Absolute Legends: Your team were with aAa for a long time, and after Dreamhack you leave and join another french organisation Team Millenium? Why you are switching from aAa to Team Millenium?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: Yes, we have been with aAa during all the Season 1, we had some offer from lots of teams, so we chosed to check all the options, and we chose Millenium.

Absolute Legends: Now Team Millenium have 6 members but League of Legends competitive play is obviously based around 5vs5. Did you have to remove anyone from the roster with this move?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: Well we are a pack of 6 players , we really like each other , there is no sub, just some tactical choices on who plays, no one will be kicked .

Absolute Legends: Are you thinking of recruiting anyone else in the near future?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: No, we won't be 7 players. We will stay at 6 players, we have friends who play for us when some people can't be online at the right time.

Absolute Legends: Do you want to stream your games, just like other players ? ( WetDreaM , Wickd , oce , HotshotGG)

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: We do it in the future , kujaa - Linak - moma

Absolute Legends: Thank you for the interview, good luck.

Team Millenium Line-up

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti

Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim

Jocelyn 'Tidus' Pierlot

Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer

Damien 'Linak' Lorthios

Maik 'MoMa' Wallus

Millenium Sport Manager Bjorn explains about this transfer to their offical site:

"You are probably aware that since a few weeks, League of Legends news were particularly followed on Millenium website, with a new dedicated page filled with an almost completed list of guides list.

I absolutely like this type of game (Multiplayer Online battle Arena) and League of legends appeared to us as the one filling every quality needed to become a great esport, especially by Riot’s investment. We were only missing a high level team under our sponsor to complete our investment, and here we are.

Im very proud to welcome the team placed 2nd at the World Championship in Millenium.

We got into contact a while ago and i really appreciated the professionalism of their leader Kujaa, and the fact that the former 2009 Warcraft 3 France champion (under millenium sponsor) Bora “Psyko” Kim, known as yellowstar, was also a usefull factor. I had the chance to follow them during the Dreamhack and to meat the rest of the team. I had the confirmation we made the right choice. They are all both high skilled players and competitors.

Great events are coming and we will do everything needed to manage to make it to the top place."

Thanks to Xely


Patch Notes Comments ( - Yorick

Just a few thoughts on the patch notes. Not nearly as in-depth as Elementz's "Meta Talk" stuff.

Yorick: Looks fun as crap. I guess Riot has jumped on the "pet" bandwagon, but I'm glad. I was especially happy to hear a Shakespeare reference. And Zombie Shakespeare? My pants are a little damp. Maybe he'll have some Hamlet quotes...

Cho'Gath: Now highlights targets that can be killed with feast. Was this really necessary? I don't actually care either way, but it seems like a waste of time that could be better spent making more Teemo skins...

Evelynn: Nerfed into oblivion. Let's take away the one thing that makes her viable (stun) and replace it with a steaming bucket of red, white, and blue all American bullcrap (slow). Yeah, it's a long duration slow, but that won't stop Corki from jumping to safety.

Fiddlesticks: YAAAH!!! Fiddle buffs! I love Fiddle, but he was nerfed so many times that he was nigh unplayable. Hopefully this will give him the boost he needs (though he will still require blue to jungle, which is what is truly broken about him. Probably make him more of a pubstomp champ).

Pirate: About time he got some lovin'

Jarvan: Slight nerfs, still hella' strong.

Kassadin: Small buffs, should help a little with early mana regen (though probably not enough to make that much of a difference).

Malz: He needed a little nerfing, but I don't think this was the way to do it. Let's nerf his anti-tanky ability in the midst of a Tanky DPS meta...

Nunu: I don't jungle, so I'm not sure, but holy crappers, this looks like it will hurt his jungle. Check with Stonewall for the final word.

Rumble: Glad he got nerfed a little. Wasn't really OP, but I'm so sick of Tanky DPS.

Shaco: "Fixed the dance animation to loop properly." Problem solved...

TF: Got....buffed? Yeah, it's just a change to shields, but still. Banned or picked in EVERY DAMN GAME of the tourney, and he gets a buff? Let's buff Vayne next!!!

Vayne: Thank god for some nerfs.

Vlad: Slight nerf to his level 9 godlike-status. Damage will be slightly less, but his heal will be what's really impacted.


GP10 Items: No more Philo/HoG stacking, Jarvan! 'Course he can still get one of each. I think this was a good compromise.


DreamHack live!!

The world's largest digital festival goes ---->>>LIVE  Link 1 - Link 2   Link 3<-----
The Season One Championship has Arrived! (Coverage Begins 10:30 a.m. CEST 6/18)

Welcome to the thrilling conclusion of League of Legends Season One! For the past nine months, League of Legends teams all across the globe have been fighting furiously to establish themselves as championship contenders. Now, the Season One Circuit has come to a close, and the top eight teams from North America, Southeast Asia, and Europe have gathered together to compete for their share of a $100,000 prize purse and the right to call themselves the greatest League of Legends team in the world. Here at Dreamhack in Jönköping, Sweden, the League of Legends Season One Champions will be crowned, taking home a grand prize of $50,000!

This is where you will find live coverage of all the excitement as it unfolds, including live matches, interviews with the competitors, updates to the brackets, and photos from the event site.

Live coverage begins June 18th, starting 10:30 CEST (GMT +2).


Three New Champions Announced At E3 (And they all look f'ing awesome!)

The 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo in is full swing, and today we were summoned to Riot Games' booth to check out some of the updates coming to League of Legends. Travis George, lead producer on the game, was there to talk us through three upcoming champions, as well as show off Spectator mode. "Our driving belief has been to make a game players would want to pay for," said George, "and we've got a lot of people who are working on more than just champions."

Three champions that are in the works are Yorick, the grave digger; Leona, the radiant dawn; and Skarner, the crystal vanguard. Yorick is Riot's take on the necromancer archetype. Similar in concept to Sona's auras or Udyr's stances, Yorick is all about managing three abilities in harmony. Each of his three main abilities summons a ghoul, which dies fast and prioritizes attacking enemy champions. There is an immediate effect when the ghoul is summoned, and each ghoul type has its own special properties. His first (decay ghoul) causes a small blast of damage and slows enemies around him. This ghoul has its own aura that slows enemies and will automatically seek out enemy champions to attack.
The other two ghouls, ravenous and spectral, are still being worked on but will grant bonuses to life steal and attack speed, respectively. Yorick's passive will increase his stats so long as one ghoul is active, thus making skillful ghoul juggling a must for effective play. Finally, his ultimate is shaping up to be a skill shot that fires in a straight line, sending a wave of grasping skeleton hands that root champions. The skill may be modified so that nearby ghouls will focus on rooted champions, but it's still a work in progress.

Because Leona and Skarner aren't as far along in development, we didn't get as concise a breakdown. In broad terms, Leona is Riot's answer to the community's requests for a true female tank (sorry Kayle). Her character concept is built around the sun, with several crowd control abilities. These culminate in her ultimate: a global area-of-effect nuke that initially slows champions caught by it in a blinding ray of sunlight. After a moment, a beam of solar energy will crash down, stunning and damaging those hit. Skarner is a massive, purple scorpion made of crystal and built to focus on enemy champions one at a time while keeping others at bay. One idea George would share for this champion was the ability to physically pull enemy champions toward Skarner using its tail.
In addition to the new champions, Spectator mode was also shown. When doing research into how information should be presented to the player, George and the team at Riot turned to ESPN and other sports broadcasts to see how they formatted their information. At the top of the screen is a large blue-and-purple score tracker that tallies each side's total team kills, gold, and towers destroyed. The sides of the screen show vertical lists of each team's champions, with icons indicating individual summoner spells and the status of ultimates. Finally, the bottom has a full scoreboard that can be toggled on and off, as well as a chat window and minimap.

To help prevent foul play, Spectator mode has about a minute of built in lag (the exact number is still being tweaked). Riot is also still working on how many players will be able to spectate a match at once and would only commit to supporting one spectator per match at the moment. These additions, and many more that George was eager to reveal, are on the way and should be arriving before the year's end.

Season One Championship Regional Qualifiers

The final stop on the road to the Season One Championship has been made. After a long weekend full of exciting matches and great upsets, six teams have emerged to move on to League of Legends' biggest stage ever: The Season One Championship at Dreamhack!
These teams have made it past the qualifiers and will travel to Jönköping, Sweden this June to compete for their share of the $100,000 prize pool:

North America

  1. Team SoloMid
  2. Epik Gaming
  3. CLG


  1. aAa
  2. gamed.de
  3. FnaticMSI

Gold Per 5 Nerfs Next Patch (Rumour!) What does this mean for our game?

So apparently Morello has stated (I can't seem to find the post) that GP5 items are going to be "unique" on the passive. Now I am not sure if it's going to be unique per item meaning you have have a philo, a hog, and a kage pick and still get 3x GP5 or if you can only have one of those items and will only receive one GP5 passive.

If you can still have one HoG one Philo and One Kage GP5 won't be nerfed as badly but it will take it's toll on some champs. Not as bad as everyone might think but you wouldn't be able to HoG or Philo stack now which is a good thing, but what if you're only allowed to have one and the passive is an absolute unique?

Well what does this mean for LoL if it is a one item absolute unique passive? Well it's a step in the right direction as GP5 has been sort of plaguing our community a bit lately. At the same time though it's what made side lane supports / and some junglers viable. Without GP5 you're going to see WAY LESS farmed supports (and they really don't got much farm to begin with) and champions like Amumu/Nunu will also be nerfed pretty badly too as they are also known for getting 2-3 GP5 items as they jungle so they can continue to ward for the team, pick up oracles, and still have pretty good farm.

So with far less farmed supports and junglers we might actually see some champions drop down on the tier list a bit because of this change and tanky dps champions like Irelia, Renekton, Jarvan will also be hit because of this change.

How do you guys feel about this change? Good, bad, awesome?


Solo Queue Tier List updated

by Elementz on Wednesday, June 8th 2011 - 00:20 / 9689 Views /
Solo Queue Tier List

So due to people misunderstanding my list and taking it the wrong way etc.. Also due to some popular demand and a self-realization that I should have probably done this a long time ago. Here comes my Solo Queue Tier List!

This list will compile all the champions into tiers that I will explain later in the post. This is about how great of a champion they can be in solo queue and how well they can be played overall. This list isn’t about “picks” or drafting. It’s about how good a champion is in Solo Queue. I emphasize Solo Queue because Draft Mode 5v5 is a lot different and they should have two separate lists. This list will be mostly revolving around how good a champion is at Soloing, Jungling, Early game,Mid game, and team fighting ability. It will have almost nothing to do with Late Game which 90% of competitive games go to. Majority of solo queue games end between 20 and 30 minutes. So this is what this list will be focusing on.

SOLO QUEUE ADVICE – Always remember to build a balanced team that is strong in all 5 aspects of the game. Get two strong solo’s, a strong duo lane, and a strong jungler and your chances of winning will increase drastically! If you’re not 1st or 2nd pick please pick accordingly to the rest of your team. Communication in pregame chat is the key to success! If you have an AD and an AP carry then the remaining roles of Tank, Support, and Jungle need to be filled! It’s the best way to become a great League of Legends player by having a well rounded group of champions you can play! Master all aspects of the game and not just one!

*Tier 1 - Vayne, Twisted Fate, Annie, Alistar, Eve, Corki, Teemo, Nidalee, Nocturne, Jarvan IV, Irelia, Akali, Renekton, Cho’Gath, Janna, Malzahar, Swain, Karthus, Soraka, Warwick, Vlad, Singed, Amumu, Maokai, Shen,

* Tier 2 - Ashe, Jax, Lee Sin, Caitlyn, Orianna, Urgot, Tristana, Ryze, Xin Zhao, Shaco, Kassadin, Olaf, Casseopia,Udyr, Sion, Lux, Kennen, Zilean, Trundle, Miss Fortune, Leblanc, Ezreal, Brand, Nunu, Anivia, Mundo,

* Tier 3 – Blitzcrank, Taric, Morgana, Nasus, Master Yi, Malphite, Garen,Rammus, Tyrndamere, Sona, Poppy, Rumble, Kog’Maw, Gragas

* Tier 4 – Sivir, Veigar, Katarina, Kayle, Mordekaiser, Pantheon,Fiddlesticks, Twitch, Galio, Karma, Heimerdinger,Gangplank

Tier 1 - These champions are at the top of this list for a lot of reasons. The biggest reason being you can actually carry a team with them. In League of Legends its very hard to be a “true” carry as this game if very team oriented. If you’ve ever played a 4v5 you’ll know what I am talking about as it’s literally impossible to win. So I find these champions in Tier 1 lane VERY well in terms of being able to kill creeps well, harassing the enemy champion, and survivability. For the junglers in tier 1 it’s because they control the jungle well, and do it safely. Also gank well and if get fed can actually carry games themselves. All these champions have great early games for the most part and just continuously get stronger as the game goes on. These are the pub stomp kings of the game in my eyes currently.

Tier 2 - These champions like tier 1 champions are great laners, and are great to have on your team in Solo Queue. They just don’t carry as hard as other champions in tier 1 I find. Their early game laning power can be almost equal to the strength of tier 1 champions but I find the tier 2 champions to be slightly weaker than these tier 1 champions in terms of how hard you can carry a solo queue game with them. They are still the creme of the crop in Solo Queue and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Tier 3 - These champions I find to be great 3rd, 4th, or 5th picks on a team. They are 100% viable but these champions generally aren’t as strong in lane as tier 1 and tier 2 champions and often take the Duo lane as they aren’t as strong as solo’s. A few of them in this tier can stand toe to toe to a lot of tier 1 and 2 champions in a Solo lane but I find they just aren’t sought after as “great” Solo Queue solo laners. These champs are all 100% viable in solo queue. I just find them to be slightly weaker than tier 2 champions in Solo Queue.

Tier 4 - Now tier 4 is a tricky tier I find. These champs are all 100% viable for Solo Queue. If someone says they play a great X champion in tier 4 than you can let them solo or play that champion. These champions are simply tier 4 because they require a lot more farm I find than other champions to reach that “carry status” in Solo Queue. These champions are usually played by people who love these champions for their design and play style so usually people who play these champions I find aren’t bad players at all so letting them play these champions sometime is a good choice. These champions problem isn’t poor laning or really anything other than they require a lot more effort to be good at and a lot more skill to do well on is all. They’re all fun champions and I suggest you give them a whirl and try them out!

DISCLAIMER! – Now remember everyone. This is just an OPINION and nothing else. Take it with a grain of salt and remember not to flame anyone in-game over me or my lists!

SOLO QUEUE ADVICE – Always remember to build a balanced team that is strong in all 5 aspects of the game. Get two strong solo’s, a strong duo lane, and a strong jungler and your chances of winning will increase drastically! If you’re not 1st or 2nd pick please pick accordingly to the rest of your team. Communication in pregame chat is the key to success! If you have an AD and an AP carry then the remaining roles of Tank, Support, and Jungle need to be filled! It’s the best way to become a great League of Legends player by having a well-rounded group of champions you can play! Master all aspects of the game and not just one!

*--* CHANGE LOG *--*

Vayne moved up in tier 1 - This is pretty self explanatory as she's banned in every single game or picked in every single game. She's just all around strong and snowballs crazy hard. The perfect combo for Solo Queue.

Kassadin moved down to tier 2 - I feel his early game is so weak that for him to get to that "oh my god Kass is OP status!" it takes far too long and I find him too weak to play now. He's still really good in a lot of situations and can definitely carry Solo Queue games but he's lacking a bit right now in the early game department.

Cho'Gath moved up to tier 1 - His lane sustainability, burst, and overall tankyness just makes him tier 1 imo. He can really carry a Solo Queue game if he's got a lot of farm.

Urgot moved down to tier 2 - I feel his god tier laning isn't that god tier anymore compared to others and then his mid/late falls off a bit if he doesn't get that great early game. Don't get me wrong if you're good with Urgot you can still carry and do well hence why he's going to tier 2 but I don't feel he's tier 1 worthy anymore for Solo Queue.

Akali moved up to tier 1 - Her laning is decently strong, but when played correctly her burst on targets is just awesome. She can drop people in a matter of seconds and move onto another champion and kill them just the same. She snowballs in fights with her ultimate gaining another charge for every kill/assist and that can really turn the tide of a lot of games. Her survivability is pretty high too with charging to things with R and W's stealth.

Ryze moved down to tier 2 - I feel he's not that great since the nerf. It really hurt his early game a lot more then it should of. He's still good and still is a tank/mage that crush's face, you just have to be an experienced Ryze player to do this.

Kennen moved up to tier 2 - His laning strength is awesome and I believe because of this you can snowball and carry a lot of games just by dominating your lane. His mid/late game is alright, VERY farm dependent but if you get that farm you can 100% carry your games with him. AD Kennen is also viable as well.

Lee Sin moved up to tier 2 - Jungle, Solo Lane, or Duo Lane Lee Sin can do it all. If you get farmed on him you can really carry with him. Even if you're not that farmed he's still a very strong champion currently.

Maokai moved up to tier 1 - His Solo Lane and his Jungle is pretty damn strong. He sustains himself quite well using his passive and his burst is so unexpected people fall for it all the time. They think Maokai can't dish out that kind of DPS but he can and you can get a lot of kills leaving people going "wtf how did I die!?".

Soraka moved to tier 1 - Healing like she does is so incredibly powerful in Solo Queue I'd say she's a pick or ban in every game. If you're good at Soraka you can carry teams just by the sheer amount of heals and support you deliver to your team.

Annie moved up to tier 1 - This is self explanatory just like Vayne. All around awesome and bursts like a mo'fuka!

Xin Zhao moved up tier 2 - Jungle Xin is amazing just like I said in my Draft Mode List because of how powerful his ganks are. Then if he's fed his team fighting ability is just so STRONG, he just goes from target to target dishing out DPS. Looking for a DPS jungler to play? Xin is your man.

New Champion Time!

Orianna placed into tier 2 - I feel her lane control is good, her burst is good, and her supporting is pretty good too. I am not 100% sure if tier 2 belongs to her yet but I feel for now this will do. Play her as an AP carry and harass and poke the crap out of everything with your ball!


Draft mode tier list update

This is MY opinion solely and does not reflect my team’s or any other high level player opinion on high level play. It’s for you to read and discuss for your enjoyment and nothing else.

This is my tier list according to Season 1 Draft Mode / Tournament Play (NOT blind pick MM) I’ve put all the champions I feel are viable on SR and will be picked in competitive play. List goes from left to right, best to worst in each tier.

* Tier 1: Vayne, Nidalee, Twisted Fate, Corki, Ashe, Annie, Mal’zahar, Shen, Janna, Amumu, Nunu, Anivia, Sona,Swain,Vladimir, Alistar, Soraka

* Tier 2: Karthus, Orianna, Taric, Urgot, Jarvan IV, Miss Fortune, Nocturne, Irelia, Caitlyn, Cho’Gath, Lee Sin, Warwick, Xin Zhao, Olaf, Trundle, Zilean, Singed,Ryze

* Tier 3: Teemo, Sion, Leblanc, Renekton, Lux, Blitzcrank, Rumble, Maokai, Ezreal, Brand, Cassiopeia, Akali, Kassadin, Kennen, Tristana, Udyr, Rammus, Kog’Maw, Gragas, Morgana, Poppy, Jax

* Tier 4: Tryndamere, Malphite, Garen, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Veigar, Sivir, Kayle, Eve, Pantheon, Heimerdinger, Yi

* Hard to place on a team: Twitch, Shaco, Mundo, Karma, Gangplank, Galio, Katarina, Fiddlesticks,

Tier 1 – These champions have proved time and time again that they deserve to be here. These champions are game changing if you can get them most of the time. Player skill combined with knowing how to use these champions correctly will ultimately result in success.

Tier 2 – These champions are barely under tier 1. They all again do their roles incredibly well and are should be considered highly valuable picks. They all synergize very well into the vast majority of viable line ups. Players should be playing these champions if they are looking to improve their game and step into the competitive scene. Master all of the tier 1 and tier 2 champions and you will be a serious force to be reckoned with.

Tier 3 – These champions are still very viable on SR but are simply out done by tier 1 and tier 2 champions. They can still compete with all of them but as far as viable line ups go these won’t be the champions you’re going to ban or first pick in any draft mode. These are your 4th 5th picks in your line up to complement your line up or effectively counter the other teams picks. These champions are still very viable overall but just aren’t champions you will strive to pick or have in your line up all the time.

Tier 4 – These champions don’t fill the roles of the champions above them as good as they do. They really aren’t thought of other than your last pick to add a special extra something to your line up. Extra burst, extra utility, or that 1 more support champ you think you will make your line up that much better. Generally they really aren’t sought after picks in a competitive line up but they can still be played viably but are the bottom of the barrel in terms of competitive picks.

Hard to place on a team – These champions I find aren’t as good as others in terms of competitive picks. They don’t really help or add anything game changing to you line up or anything you would really want on a competitive team imo. They are all fine champions for solo queue for the most part but in terms of a 5v5 tournament draft mode I wouldn’t expect to see any of these champions there. They are simply out done by other champions who do their roles better than they do.

Feel free to ask questions about my list and I will do my best to reason why X champion is in X tier. I also encourage you to convince me I am wrong and move a champion up or down a tier accordingly. I will post the changes if or when I make them in edits in this post.

*—–* CHANGE LOG *—–*

Vayne moved up to tier 1 - Her damage is incredibly strong. She just snow balls too hard and when that happens in competitive play, when one side gets the edge, having Vayne and having that edge is just too much it seems. Vayne as I said before is the type of champion when you're a head, she does A LOT more damage to champions in lower level / farm. She just scales so incredibly well that if you get that slight advantage she will completely take advantage of it.

Annie moved back up to tier 1 - Them buffs = zomg. Her early game awesome, mid game awesome, late game awesome. Annie is just all around awesome! Back to tier 1 she goes!

Anivia moved back up to tier 1 - I feel I shouldn't of dropped her out of tier 1 in the first place. I think I moved her down because I didn't see enough of her in the last couple of months and my team CLG even stopped picking her for a while. I think the NA qualifiers for Dream Hack made us realize she is really good still.

Nidalee moved up to tier 1 - Holy banned every game in tournament play batman. It just goes to show you how strong pushing, poking, and heal/supporting can be to a team. With the addition of AD carry bottom you can have 2x AP carries(Nid as one), support + AD bot and tank Jungler and have an incredibly strong team. Nidalee will take your towers, throw up massive heals on allies, and burst down low targets. She's an amazing pusher/support with added burst and poke. She just synergies with competitive team comps so well with the EU style of play.

Soraka moved down in tier 1 - I feel she should be a bit lower is all.

Ashe moved down in tier 1 - I feel Corki's a little bit stronger than her currently so I moved her behind him. He's like Nidalee in AD carry form. Lots of survivability, push's and pokes well and has strong burst.

Rumble moved up to tier 3 - Now his laning is pretty good but the real reason I am moving him up is from an EU influence (they love Rumble over there) and the fact his ulti can do some STUPID DPS when it lands right. I underrated him a bit so I am moving him up a bit.

Lee Sin moved up to tier 2 - So he got a few small changes since I originally put him in hard to place. Those small changes stack up and sometimes it takes me a while to change champions on my list (There's a lot so excuse me if I miss a couple sometimes :p). He's a good jungler, good solo laner, and not a bad duo laner. He's a overall pretty good tanky DPS champion.

Xin Zhao moved up to tier 2 - This boy is becoming a favourite of the jungle. He's also quite good in the jungle as he clears it well and his ganks are very strong. Knock up + Slow + Red buff + the DPS he delivers = awesome ganks. His powerful ganks and strong team fighting abilities are what makes him good. For that I am moving him up.

Miss Fortune moved up in tier 2 - Duo lane bot + support is a crazy combo with her. She's already a strong laner but with the addition of a support she can dish out some crazy dps. Taric + MF lane is very strong. As a secondary AD she does a great job and for that I am moving her up.

Renekton moved down to tier 3 - He's good. He's a strong laner, but he's not that strong of a competitive pick. The other tanky DPS just add more it seems.

Shen moved down to tier 2 - Shen has been tier 1 forever and he's finally moving down. Now that support + AD is the most common bottom lane his place has been sorta moved. He's not a bad solo lane but there are stronger solo's over him. Also tanks in general aren't being picked as much so because of that Shen's moving on down.

Vladimir moved up to tier 1 - He's like a caster Vayne. When he gets ahead his damage and survivability is just so nuts. That really sums it up. He snowballs and scales very well so when you get that small bit ahead in competitive play the other team really pays for it. He's also an insanely hard champion to kill in lane and once he hits level 8-9 he's almost impossible to kill 1v1.

Irelia moved down to tier 2 - I feel those mini nerfs did hit her a bit and because of that I am moving her down to tier 2. She's still a powerful champion, just dropping her down a bit.

Taric moved up in tier 2 - I feel I put him a little too far down moving up up a bit as he's better than that!


Orianna has been placed in tier 2 - I feel her lane control is great, her burst is strong, and her utility is high. She's very versatile champion. She can zone very hard with her "ball" which just adds to her overall ability to be useful to the team. I feel her early/mid game she's played as an AP carry and late game she kinda moves into being a burst/support champion. I think she's great, she's fun, and she's unique. Riot really needs to make more champions like her.