Gold Per 5 Nerfs Next Patch (Rumour!) What does this mean for our game?

So apparently Morello has stated (I can't seem to find the post) that GP5 items are going to be "unique" on the passive. Now I am not sure if it's going to be unique per item meaning you have have a philo, a hog, and a kage pick and still get 3x GP5 or if you can only have one of those items and will only receive one GP5 passive.

If you can still have one HoG one Philo and One Kage GP5 won't be nerfed as badly but it will take it's toll on some champs. Not as bad as everyone might think but you wouldn't be able to HoG or Philo stack now which is a good thing, but what if you're only allowed to have one and the passive is an absolute unique?

Well what does this mean for LoL if it is a one item absolute unique passive? Well it's a step in the right direction as GP5 has been sort of plaguing our community a bit lately. At the same time though it's what made side lane supports / and some junglers viable. Without GP5 you're going to see WAY LESS farmed supports (and they really don't got much farm to begin with) and champions like Amumu/Nunu will also be nerfed pretty badly too as they are also known for getting 2-3 GP5 items as they jungle so they can continue to ward for the team, pick up oracles, and still have pretty good farm.

So with far less farmed supports and junglers we might actually see some champions drop down on the tier list a bit because of this change and tanky dps champions like Irelia, Renekton, Jarvan will also be hit because of this change.

How do you guys feel about this change? Good, bad, awesome?

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