Patch Notes Comments ( - Yorick

Just a few thoughts on the patch notes. Not nearly as in-depth as Elementz's "Meta Talk" stuff.

Yorick: Looks fun as crap. I guess Riot has jumped on the "pet" bandwagon, but I'm glad. I was especially happy to hear a Shakespeare reference. And Zombie Shakespeare? My pants are a little damp. Maybe he'll have some Hamlet quotes...

Cho'Gath: Now highlights targets that can be killed with feast. Was this really necessary? I don't actually care either way, but it seems like a waste of time that could be better spent making more Teemo skins...

Evelynn: Nerfed into oblivion. Let's take away the one thing that makes her viable (stun) and replace it with a steaming bucket of red, white, and blue all American bullcrap (slow). Yeah, it's a long duration slow, but that won't stop Corki from jumping to safety.

Fiddlesticks: YAAAH!!! Fiddle buffs! I love Fiddle, but he was nerfed so many times that he was nigh unplayable. Hopefully this will give him the boost he needs (though he will still require blue to jungle, which is what is truly broken about him. Probably make him more of a pubstomp champ).

Pirate: About time he got some lovin'

Jarvan: Slight nerfs, still hella' strong.

Kassadin: Small buffs, should help a little with early mana regen (though probably not enough to make that much of a difference).

Malz: He needed a little nerfing, but I don't think this was the way to do it. Let's nerf his anti-tanky ability in the midst of a Tanky DPS meta...

Nunu: I don't jungle, so I'm not sure, but holy crappers, this looks like it will hurt his jungle. Check with Stonewall for the final word.

Rumble: Glad he got nerfed a little. Wasn't really OP, but I'm so sick of Tanky DPS.

Shaco: "Fixed the dance animation to loop properly." Problem solved...

TF: Got....buffed? Yeah, it's just a change to shields, but still. Banned or picked in EVERY DAMN GAME of the tourney, and he gets a buff? Let's buff Vayne next!!!

Vayne: Thank god for some nerfs.

Vlad: Slight nerf to his level 9 godlike-status. Damage will be slightly less, but his heal will be what's really impacted.


GP10 Items: No more Philo/HoG stacking, Jarvan! 'Course he can still get one of each. I think this was a good compromise.