IvyLoL Beta Season!

Hey guys, here is another update regarding IvyLoL, the best collegiate League of Legends play that can be found anywhere! For those of you who have not heard of IvyLoL before, it is a recently created LoL league specially for college students. Teams are formed by several players at a school in order to compete against teams from other schools in a variety of ways, including scrimmages, league play and tournaments. A pre-season tournament was just wrapped up a few days ago that pitted over 90 teams against eachother Swiss style, meaning that all teams played 6 best of 1 matches, and the sixteen teams with the best overall records were then seeded into a bracket-style best of 3 tournament. A team from the University of California - Irvine ended up coming out on top, with them and the rest of the top 8 teams winning some fantastic prizes courtesy of Riot. A replay of the final match, casted by Tnomad and Doublelift, can be found here.

 However, that was just a precursor to the big event coming up this week: the IvyLoL Beta Season! In this inaugural collegiate LoL season, teams will have one game each week, including a classic Summoner's Rift game and a Dominion game on the Crystal Scar. A feature that I find especially awesome is the fact that each school can have more than one team, making it so that no one gets left out of the action and everyone gets an equal chance to play some real competitive League of Legends. Teams will be arranged into divisions based on geography, and approximately 80% of a team's game will be played within the division. The teams in each division that finish with the best records will then participate in a big tournament at the end of the season to determine who the IvyLoL Beta-Season champion is, which will bring in some nice prizes like the past two IvyLoL tournaments. Full details of the Beta Season can be found here.

 So if you are a college student looking to be a part of some competitive League of Legends action, go sign up at ivylol.com right now! The deadline is Sunday October 9th!

 EDIT: If you are looking for other players from your school and they aren't responding to you in-game, try going to the IvyLoL Recruitment Thread on reddit here.