How to be a pro jungler

Today I will give you some tips of how to be a top player in jungle.

First I want to say, why you send someone to jungle?
1-You have 1 more solo lane. So 1 guy higher level then a dual lane.
2-Jungler can gank everylane and give you an early advantage.
3-Some heros can't farm right on a lane so jungle is a good way to let him farm.

Then lets see what heros can jungle. With smite and the proper runes, almost everyhero can jungle. But, who are the best junglers?

Akali: Nice Spell Vamp to heal, and good gank at level 6.
Amumu: Not viable on lane, but nice ganks since level 3 and easy jungler with W.
Evelyn: Really fast jungler and one of the best gankers in jungle.
Master Yi: Good ganks with lizard and really fast jungle.
Nunu: Fast jungler and good hero to make fast drake. Also he good a powerfull slow for ganks.
Olaf: Nice life steal for jungle and good ganks with axe.
Rammus: W is too strong to jungle, and 1 of the best gankers.
Shaco: Fast jungler and very good movility to gank and steal jungler of the enemie.
Shen: Slow jungle but not a bad gank. Only viable if you got better solo laners.
Warwick: Amazing life steal, you never lose HP, and also, nice ganks with lizard, and at level 6.

Other junglers: Cho'Gath, Mundo, FiddleSticks, Gragas, Malphite, Nasus, Trundle, Tryndamere, Udyr, XinZhao.

What runes are the best? Every jungle should take different runes, for example, the Tank junglers should go with Red and Yellow Armor flat, and blue Mana Reg/lvl or CD reduction or MR flat. Heros like Shaco and Olaf and Warwick, Red runes of Attack speed are good on them. Quints almost always HP flat. Armor flat are also good, and some heros can jungle with AP flat too.

What Masteries should I take? It depends on what jungler you are. The Tank junglers should go with something like: 1-16-13, or 1-21-8. The offensive junglers (Shaco, Master Yi, Akali...) should go with 21-0-9.

What should I buy at level 1?A good way to jungle, is to start with Cloth Armor and potions. Also 1 ward and 2 potions are also good, but only viable in good junglers with huge life steal. For some Tank junglers, Doran Shield and potion is also fine, and for some Offensive junglers, Doran Sword is fine.

Where should I start the jungle? It depends, if you are a good jungler but you need your spells for the jungle (Warwick, Rammus, Amumu...) then you should start at Ancient Golem, who gives you a BlueBuff with huge mana regen. Other junglers can start on the 2 little golems. You get level 2 there and now you go to wraiths, and wolves.

How much damange does Smite? Before with some magic resist it was really hard to do it well. Now, neutral minions got 0 MR so it does 420 + 25/level.

How does the jungle work? Small camps of minions (Wraiths, wolves and little golems) spawns at 1:39. Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder spawns at 1.55. Dragon spawns at: 2:30. Baron Nashor at 15:00.

Name             Respawn         Health                    Gold       Experience 
Giant Wolf      100 seconds     550                       25           90 
Wolf               100 seconds     400                       16           50 
Golem             100 seconds     800                      30           140 
Wraith             100 seconds     350                      35           120 
Lesser Wraith  100 seconds     220                      12           20 
Ancient Golem 5 minutes          1450 + 175         60            220 
Young Lizard   5 minutes          350                     10            30 
Lizard Elder     5 minutes          1450 + 175         60            200 
Dragon            6 minutes          3250 + 220         90            265 
Baron Nashor  8 minutes          8852 + 125 every 1 min 250 900  

Gold and Experience from killing Baron Nashor is granted to every member of your team. Gold from killing Dragon is granted to every member of your team. Drake gives 190 global gold to the team.

After Baron Nashor is slain, all living players on the team gain a buff that lasts 2.30 with the following attributes:
40 Ability Power
40 Damage
3% of your Max Health in Health Regeneration
1% of your Max Mana in Mana Regeneration

Ancient Golem, gives to the killer a Blue Buff: Mana regen and CD reduction. Elder Lizard gives to the kills Red Buff: slows (10/20/30)% for melee characters and only (5/10/15)% for ranged characters, and does some Damange per second. Killing this champion will transfer the buff to you.

That's all for today.
Made by aranae