Millenium announce their new LoL Team

Today, Team Millenium announced their new League of Legends team. Team aAa join Millenium after Dreamhack Summer 2011 and surprise many League of Legends Fans. Team aAa are one of the best LoL teams in EU. Millenium and aAa have one of the biggest rivalries in eSports, France, and this move is a big surprise for French eSports. AbsoluteLegends talked to Jerome 'Kujaa' Negretti about their move to Millenium.

Absolute Legends: Your team competed in Dreamhack very well, and won $25.000. This news comes of a bit of a surprise for League of Legends Fans. What do you think about Dreamhack organisation?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: Yes,We win $25.000. It's really great the $50.000 where not that far but still its good :). Dreamhack was well planned by Riot Games, I really enjoyed playing there, the other players and Riot staff were cool :).

Absolute Legends: Your team were with aAa for a long time, and after Dreamhack you leave and join another french organisation Team Millenium? Why you are switching from aAa to Team Millenium?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: Yes, we have been with aAa during all the Season 1, we had some offer from lots of teams, so we chosed to check all the options, and we chose Millenium.

Absolute Legends: Now Team Millenium have 6 members but League of Legends competitive play is obviously based around 5vs5. Did you have to remove anyone from the roster with this move?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: Well we are a pack of 6 players , we really like each other , there is no sub, just some tactical choices on who plays, no one will be kicked .

Absolute Legends: Are you thinking of recruiting anyone else in the near future?

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: No, we won't be 7 players. We will stay at 6 players, we have friends who play for us when some people can't be online at the right time.

Absolute Legends: Do you want to stream your games, just like other players ? ( WetDreaM , Wickd , oce , HotshotGG)

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti: We do it in the future , kujaa - Linak - moma

Absolute Legends: Thank you for the interview, good luck.

Team Millenium Line-up

Jerome 'kujaa' Negretti

Bora 'YellOwStaR' Kim

Jocelyn 'Tidus' Pierlot

Paul 'sOAZ' Boyer

Damien 'Linak' Lorthios

Maik 'MoMa' Wallus

Millenium Sport Manager Bjorn explains about this transfer to their offical site:

"You are probably aware that since a few weeks, League of Legends news were particularly followed on Millenium website, with a new dedicated page filled with an almost completed list of guides list.

I absolutely like this type of game (Multiplayer Online battle Arena) and League of legends appeared to us as the one filling every quality needed to become a great esport, especially by Riot’s investment. We were only missing a high level team under our sponsor to complete our investment, and here we are.

Im very proud to welcome the team placed 2nd at the World Championship in Millenium.

We got into contact a while ago and i really appreciated the professionalism of their leader Kujaa, and the fact that the former 2009 Warcraft 3 France champion (under millenium sponsor) Bora “Psyko” Kim, known as yellowstar, was also a usefull factor. I had the chance to follow them during the Dreamhack and to meat the rest of the team. I had the confirmation we made the right choice. They are all both high skilled players and competitors.

Great events are coming and we will do everything needed to manage to make it to the top place."

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