What is Elo Hell?

People have many definitions for Elo Hell as being sub 1400, 1200, or even 800. What is Elo Hell?
What do you experience in Elo Hell? Leavers, players of less skill?
People have a misconception about Elo Hell being at a set elo. Most arguments seem to be, “I would be able to hold my own ground at (insert elo here).
To tell everyone the truth, Elo Hell is experienced in any elo; low,mid, or even high elo.
From my understanding, Elo Hell is a term fabricated to explain the frustration- when you go 20-0 and lose because of some moron or a leaver. There is no escape to elo hell, you’ll always have those games where its impossible due to your teammates lack of skill. Does this only happen at 1400 elo and below? No.
There have been games where i’ve gone 15-0 and lost, due to feeding 2000 elo players that go 0-10.
Some players that are 2000-2100 elo are much worse than 1800 elo players. How did they get to 2100? Luck.

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