QuadraKill Series

Quadrakill Series

With the help of our European Emissary gluecks and h2k's flyy, CLGaming is bringing a brand new tournament series to you. Watching two coordinated teams clash in combat is impressive, everyone can agree on that. Even more impressive is four high level teams competing for glory in a tournament with real prizes on the line!
The four teams currently dominating competitive play in Europe will duke it out in a single elimination tournament, with all games shoutcasted by HotshotGG!
For the finals we have a special treat for you: Joining HotshotGG will be no other than THE one and only Phreak! This is going to be Phreak's debut on shoutcasting a European event, so stay tuned and look forward to that! :-)

Saturday 12th - 9pm CET (Central Europe) / 3pm EST (East Coast) / 12pm PST (West Coast)
SK Gaming - http://www.sk-gaming.com/
h2k Gaming - http://www.h2k-gaming.eu/
*aAa* - http://www.team-aaa.com/
myR - http://www.myrevenge.net/
Game A: myR vs. *aAa* - Bo1
Game B: h2k Gaming vs. SK Gaming - Bo1
3rd Place Match: Loser Game A vs. Loser Game B - Bo1
Finals: Winner Game A vs. Winner Game B - Bo3
CLGaming.net - Main Stream
Bans: 1-2-2-1
Picks: 1-2-2-2-2-1 Exclusive
Each team will have 90 seconds per ban/pick round. If the time runs out on a ban, the ban is lost. If this happens during a pick round, the team may be disqualified. The bans & picks will be done in QuakeNet IRC.

How about a magic trick?

We have also planned a little raffle for you guys. If you want to take part in it then make sure to be in #clgaming during the event.

Right before the Finals
QuakeNet IRC #clgaming
1x Bigfoot Networks Killer™ 2100 Gaming Network Card
1x Bundle of your choice (Collector's Edition, Champion Bundle, RunePage Bundle)
1x Legendary Skin of your choice

This Quadrakill Episode is organized by gluecks, flyy and Vodoo and sponsored by Riot Games. If you have any suggestions/feedback, let us know!

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