How to Prepare for Season 2 + Riot Singed Gameplay

Guys! Dorian here! Back from a long Vacation camping and shiz... then I upgraded my PC so now I am back and ready to Blog and Vlog is up more than ever!

I decided since I was gone for so long I would do kind of a Update video about how to prepare for Season 2!

If you would like to see a specific champion/hero in the next Commentary leave your choice in the comments below!

Send all LOL Record clips you would like in a Community LOL Frag Video here : deathcab4dorian@gmail.com

Clips being accepted - LOL Replay Files only. Penta Kills, Jukes, Sick Kills, Baron steals, etc etc....If you have already been featured in a movie like this please still send it in, I will be doing allot of editing on this video and It will not look like any video it has been in before!

Thanks again everyone and I hope you enjoy! Please remember to Like if you Like it! And to Subscribe if you haven't already and you want to see more of ma shiz!!


PS There Is Part 2, it is only about a minute long make sure you stick around to finish it you! Click HERE for Part 2!

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