SK got some Drama going on!

Hey guys just wanted to give you this statement and our(my) point of view

So first of all the decision that wetdream is out was decided AFTER we lost IEM.

For a a team like SK, that is quite a big name, its a shame to not go through groupstage and obviously they were quite mad.

Since ocelote is quite close with SK and played for them several years SK spoke with ocelote first and informed him that this is unacceptable, before talking with the all of us togheter.

About all the money thing its quite a big story but I will give my statement to this since its quite important to understand the situation.

Some people of our team, including wetdream, wanted salary gear and laptops etc before we even proved ANYTHING.
These people wanted -->600<-- salary per month which is insane.
Thats, to not tell any numbers, more then double the amount other top teams get.

When SK said us they wont give us some of us went completly insane, and wanted to leave the team immediatley.

Falli, our manager, wrote SK an email we leave SK because other teams make a better offer.

They couldnt even react to make a counter offer.
Thankfully we could stay in SK and we made a deal that we would get a reasonable salary and gear if we do good at Gamescom since until after Gamescom we didnt prove anything, we didnt prove that were a good team, just that we qualified for 2 important tournaments.

So after we were out it was quite understandable that SK wont give us all the stuff they said since it was a disaster IEM for them.

So thats how it was and thats why some people including wetdream wanted to leave SK.

In my opinion im with Ocelote we didnt prove anything so why would they give us more then other topteams, that would be completly retarded.

Also thats why I prefered staying in SK then leaving them with Wetdream.
Wetdream is a nice guy and for sure we didnt kick him because he brings bad mood to the team but the reason why he had to leave was simple.

SK saw him as the reason we lost IEM and so he had to go or we all had to go.

Personally I would have prefered to just stick in SK as we are right now to improve but there was no way we could do that so it went this way.

Also I think wetdream got more time now for his website which will grow bigger so its not as bad.
About all the stuff like ocelote being a two faced person or other private things wetdream wrote about in his statement I can just say that this is really unnecressary and just unprofessonal.

Its just going mad and has nothing to do with the team or SK, so I wont comment that. Anyway thats my opinion on this whole situation

thanks randomnoob :*


My thoughts on this.

I don't think it's the right choice for them to boot WetDream out as working together as a team and improving it a much better choice. If you're constantly breaking up and picking up new members it's very hard to play great as a team. Oh well, that's SK's choice overall, and maybe it will work out for them and maybe it won't.

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