Jungle Tier list - Skarner Era

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Tier 1 - Udyr,Lee Sin, Trundle, Warwick, Nocturne, Fiddlesticks, Cho Gath
Tier 2- Nunu, Xin Zhao,Gangplank, Amumu,Jarvan,Maokai,Master Yi
Tier 3 - Olaf, Tryndamere, Shaco, Shen, Yorick, Gragas, Alistar, Malphite
Tier 4 - Akali, Rammus, Irelia, Skarner, Dr Mundo, Sion, Renekton, Mordekaiser,
Tier 5 - Karthus, Pantheon, Karma, Nasus, Taric, Wukong, Evelynn, Orianna, Jax,

Tier 1 – The best at what they do. Some are the purist of
control junglers or the fiercest of gankers and some are versatile enough to do
both. Whatever the case these are the best in terms of jungling – they far and
beyond exceed several or all aspects of jungling and have an indisputable
strength about them.

Tier 2 – These junglers are the strongest after the gods. They usually excel
at most of the aspects of jungling and are far and beyond in one or two. They
have fewer weaknesses than most other junglers and may have a niche ability
unique to them. When you want to excel at jungling – you come to these first.

Tier 3- These junglers are very similar to Tier 2 heroes. They are so
similar that they’re basically interchangeable and are very capable of
competing with tier 2 junglers. The only reason they are in a separate bracket
is due to them being not as well rounded or someone above them is their
superior mirror. Also for organization purposes.

Tier 4- These junglers are weaker than the other junglers either due to
naturally just not being suitable for the jungle or having to alter their
optimal builds in order to jungle successfully. At the same time there are
others above who are simply miles better and they bring nothing really unique
to jungling. They’re usually prone to being dominated by stronger junglers.

Tier 5- A special tier graded differently than the others. The junglers here
CAN jungle but they usually have to impact their standard builds in interesting
ways in order to successfully do so. Either the impact is minor, but
noticeable, or major and could affect them later into the game. Placement is
also a bit wishy washy.

Now the reason of the updates...

Pantheon – just moved him in the tier that doesn’t matter at all. Seriously I half ass that
tier section <_<

Tryndamere – More consistency is good and the buffs had no real change. Just those who were in
front of him didn’t feel like they should have been ahead.

Yes I am preparing for the possible storm that’s going to

Nunu – Ever since those nerfs you’ve been seeing less of him. The new meta has also made him feel
a little less impressive since roamers are a bit phased out. Nunu had the
luxury of being a jungler that could just wander like an amnesiac and be damn
good at it and with the nerfs and meta shift – it’s a lot less easy for him to
do that. It’s sort of like trying to write on a piece of paper after it’s been
wet and you dried it. It just feels weird. He’s not awful. He’s still a strong
jungler and strong choice – he’s just not as good as before and it was felt for
awhile. I finally just moved him.

Fiddlesticks – Yes right now he’s really powerful. He sets up so many opportunities for your
team. He’s a CC toolbox who packs a lot of damage throughout the course of the
game. He also has the power of early barons and dragons in combination of
packing so much CC. He’s been slowly climbing and he’s just showing how absurd
he is.

He forces the team to ward in odd locations as his flash
ultimate can still avoid wards. His damage in ganks is almost unrivaled as

Ganks with fiddlesticks are just frightening. Either he uses
his ultimate and obliterates people and locks them in with CC or waltzes in and
shuts you down and gets you murdered. Fiddlesticks also has an easy time
forcing the use of your summoner spells in inopportune times and setting up his
team for easy team fights early when it’s harder to deal with his shenanigans.

Even strong jungle duelists like Lee Sin and Trundle have a
very difficult time fighting him – in fact he’s probably the jungler most
immune to dueling.

Oh and he can also pseudo initiate.

Now for the new Champion – SKARNER

Yeah he’s pretty bad even though he was advertised as a

Speed – A tad slower than Warwick EVEN with a leash.
Survivability – Counter junglers and duelists will eat him
alive and he’s not at good health jungling
Path – he’s got a few builds he can go and a few starting
paths but very few aggressive ones
Sustain – His damage is reliable and can start snowballing
but he’s incredibly mana intensive
Ganking – only a few more tools than warwick
and a worse level 6 than warwick.
Not impressive.
Invasion – crappy sustain and poor dueling do not allow for
good invasion

As Jungle Picks go - this is what I know

Tier 1
Amumu (tank)
Nunu (support)
Warwick (tanky initiator)
Jarvan (tank)
Fiddlesticks (caster/support)
Gangplank (carry/support)

Tier 2
Alistar (multipurpose)
Trundle (bruiser)
Nocturne (assassin/bruiser)
Udyr (tank/bruiser)
Lee Sin (assassin/bruiser)

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