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by Elementz on Tuesday, July 5th 2011 - 17:59 / 9958 Views /
Basically these are some balance changes that I think would help the game out

Galio - W: Now instead of waiting for a hit to heal the target, heals the target for half of what the first hit would heal for upfront.

Reason: Basically giving Galio a mini heal on the first heal so he can be a support / tank. I feel Galio could use some love and he could be viable if he was able to lane and support someone bottom a bit better. I think this little change could make him a viable support / tank.

Lux - W: Shield now absorbs 65% on first hit and 35% on come back.

Reason: 50/50 isn't that great. An extra 15% upfront really helps out her early game shielding damage, and overall improves her survivability and that of those she wants to save. You cast your shield to hit someone on the way out with it, catching them on the way back is just an added bonus. If the shield upfront % shielded was increased it would help out her laning, survivability, and overall team utility.

Early game stats: Some HP, armor, and MR buff to her early game. Like 60 HP, 7 or so armor and like 5 MR.

Reason: Her early game stats are quite weak and her early game CD's on her spells are long. She can't spam as well as other casters and stat wise she's one of the weakest. I believe helping her stats out early game would really help her laning phase out.

Renekton - E: Now slices for 5% of armor per Slice N Dice. Rage Slice N Dice for 7.5% of enemies armor. This debuff stacks twice. Totaling 10% normal, 15% rage.

Reason: Regular Slice N Dice really has no offensive value other than position. I feel if the non rage ability could use some love and add some much needed utility to Renekton.

R: Now provides 15/30/45 bonus MR and 15/30/45 bonus armor

Reason: His ultimate is good and all but I don't feel it's enough especially late game. I Feel giving tankyness to it could really benefit him. 15/30 aren't really that big of a deal for early and mid game. The 45 late game though does help out quite a bit and that's where he really struggles to stay alive.

Kassadin - Q: Now deals 80 damage up from 60 at level 1. Rank 2 increased by 10 damage as well. Level 3,4,5 remain the same.

Reason: Kass has issues early game trading with opponents. 60 damage + MR = around 45 damage, where as an AD carry or ranged AP carry can merely auto attack or spell + auto attack and deal much more damage to Kassadin. Similar to Vlad's early game Q damage buff this would allow his early game to be a bit stronger where he is weakest.

Got some balance changes you think should be added? Disagree/Agree with mine? Leave me a reply then

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