Bot lineup changes this patch

When the servers come back online, some of you might notice that there’s been a bit of a change to the bot lineup when you fire up your custom games. Well, the bots you’re used to have been called back to the institute of war for a bit of retraining while we make the transition to our Co-op vs. AI game mode. So in the meantime, we’ve sent in the subs! If you’ve been through our tutorials, you might recognize them as the lineup from our Battle Training mode. These brave champions have been kind enough to fill in while their colleagues go back for some re-education in League of Legends tactics.
So remember, what you’re seeing right now isn’t the final lineup for Cooperative vs. AI! They’re just the understudies! You’ll see most of the old faces back before long, as well as a fair number of new ones! Stay tuned for more details as we draw closer to the update!

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